Making your coffee tasty and affordable

Teman Gawe is a coffee establishment founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

We started out with a modest passion for coffee, which grew into a full-time endeavor for making coffee for the people around us.

Inspired by how the people around us rely on good coffee to work, we chose the name ‘Teman’ (friend) and ‘Gawe’ (work).

Our mission is to provide high quality coffee at affordable prices, because everyone deserves a great coffee.

Gawe Kopi Susu

Our signature coffee milk. Ready to energize you.

IDR 13k

Gawe Kopi Coconut

Our signature coffee milk with coconut blend. 🥥

IDR 14k

Gawe Americano

Espresso and water. The American way. 🇺🇸

IDR 10k

"Everyone deserves a great coffee. Everyday, we strive to provide the best coffee to help people focus on their daily tasks.“

Aflah Nadhif

Teman Gawe co-founder






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